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Are you looking to take your casino entertainment program to the next level, but don’t have the time, money, or expertise needed? It can be a daunting task to get started, but we’re excited to share with you the Top 10 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Talent Buyer For Your Casino Entertainment Program.

1. What is their buying power?

Buying for a number of properties or events increases this; especially if they are in proximity to each other. Buying many shows throughout the year keeps an open dialogue and strong relationship between the talent buyers and agents. 

2. Do they charge you a flat fee, or a commission on Artist fees?

There are positives and negatives to both ways, you should be able to have open dialog with your talent buyer to find out what works best for your casino. They should be transparent and have a proven track record of getting the best prices and bringing the best options; through reference letters or speaking with their other clients. 

3. Do they attend any entertainment or casino industry development conferences?

Being a member of groups like IEBA (International Entertainment Buyers Association), NIGA (National Indian Gaming Association), Billboard, CAFE (Canadian Association of Fairs and Exhibitions), IAFE (International Association of Fairs and Expositions), G2E (Global Gaming Expo), CDN Gaming Summit or Pollstar and attending those conferences are pivotal in keeping relationships alive with agents and industry stakeholders and staying current on trends. 

4. Do they consult on Cost Reduction Management Techniques during advance and execution of your shows?

You’ve got your artist booked, but what’s next? You need to stay efficient throughout the process to maximize your ROI; time = money. 

5. Is the contract fair for both parties?

Services should speak for themselves; insecurity does not. 

6. Will they provide an exceptional level of service above and beyond the call of duty?

Communication is key! A good talent buyer will be proactive and bring new ideas to the table for you and your team. 

7. Do they understand the revenue cycle at casinos?

It’s important to get the right demographic flowing through your casino so that the hotel, restaurants and casino floor are all be seeing the action before and after every sold out show. 

8. Do they understand the entertainment industry?

Agents, managers, publicists, tour managers, production managers, and the artists themselves can all be very complicated people; knowing their needs and expectations can avoid any mishaps that could spoil a great show. 

9. Are they fun to work and collaborate with?

Many hours will be spent together; you better enjoy it! 

10. Is it going to make your life easier or harder?

A great talent buyer should be there to make your life easer and let you focus on what you do...running a casino. If you’re dealing with a reputable talent buyer they should also be able to assist/consult with important aspects of the shows beyond just booking them; like a proper marketing strategy, or a fall back plan if dates have to change for any reason. 

Trixstar comes to the table with the solution you’ve been looking for; doing the research, talent buying, and event consultation - all under one roof. We allow you to focus on your casino floor, while we handle the rest. 


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