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Millennials. This is the name of the demographic born sometime between the early 1980s and the early 2000s. They now outnumber Generation X and have major influential power on social media and the entertainment industry. Millennials also do their research when it comes to deciding which companies they want to support, and they value those that can offer exceptional quality, functionality, an affordable price point, and memorable experiences. With their prominence on social media and exposure to celebrities in unprecedented ways, aligning your company’s brand with a relevant star will attract Millennials, add an experiential element to your brand activations, and raise awareness.

1. Millennials Are Attracted To Fame

Social media has made celebrities seem much more accessible than they were in the past. Millennials are able to catch glimpses into their favourites celebrities’ day-to-day lives through photos and videos—not to mention comment in the hopes the star will notice. This accessibility has made having celebrities do meet-and-greets as well as appearances at conventions, night clubs and other events an expectation for Millennials. Aligning your company with a celebrity will not only raise your brand’s profile, but it will create an experience Millennials remember and share on their own profiles. If they start to recognize your company as one that draws big names, they’re more likely to keep it top of mind. 

2. Millennials Share Their Experiences

Millennials often have profiles on multiple social media platforms—namely Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat—which are all popular places for users to share your company’s celebrity experience. Create hashtags for them to use so you can monitor the activity, and make sure the hashtag ties back to your company’s brand. This can act as a driving force for traffic on your company’s social media profiles and potentially gain new clients.

3. Celebrities Associate With Popular Brands

Celebrities often align themselves with popular companies, making the two synonymous by default. For example, having a sought-after band perform at your company’s brand launch will instantly link the two, and your clients can associate the group with your business.

4. Celebrity Brand Engagement Is Priceless

Be sure to add social media mentions and video drops advertising your company from the celebrity’s account as part of your contract negotiations. Celebrities correlate their social media accounts with their personal brand, and they typically command large, dedicated followings. If the celebrity has a positive experience with your company, they will likely go beyond what’s agreed upon in the contract and share that with their fans.

Remember, Millennials tend to be more interested in live experiences than buying “things,” and they want to share this with their friends and followers. This demographic was the first to experience the advent of social media—not to mention the countless celebrities and quasi celebrities it churned out—and as their influence and affluence grows, companies need to take note and work to partner their brands with celebrities who can enhance their reach.

How do you increase awareness and excitement of your brand to new demographics?

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