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A place where tastebuds sing, customer service is dancing and always in-tune, and guests tend to smile. We crave to put music in the heart...the heart of our shows, the heart of our service, the heart of our guests, and the heart of our city.

Live music every day! Happy Hour – From 5 until 6 daily; Late Night – 11PM on Thur, Fri & Sat; Brunch Shows – 11AM to 2PM Sat & Sun; Country Sunday Nights.

A new live music venue in the heart of downtown Edmonton is set to open, bringing music back to Jasper Ave. Under entirely new ownership and management, The Station on Jasper is taking over the music venue space in the Alberta Block which housed CKUA for 57 years. The Station is setting out to become the best mid-size live music venue in Western Canada.

Trixstar was involved with all of the feature performance show/artist bookings, including:

  • Serena Ryder
  • The Watchmen
  • Meghan Patrick & Johnson Crook
  • Grandson
  • Lights
  • Big Sugar
  • The Lazys
  • Wide Mouth Mason
  • The Northern Pikes
  • Alee
  • Michael Bernard Fitzgerald
  • Pistolwhips
  • Jay Allen
  • Grapes of Wrath
  • The Dudes
  • Magic!
  • The Pack AD
  • JJ Shiplett
  • Johnny McCuaig Band
  • Leeroy Stagger
  • BCDC
  • Punch Drunk Cabaret
  • League of Wolves and Proud Sons
  • Mariachi Ghost
  • East Pointers
  • Petric
  • Persuit of Happiness
  • Bif Naked
  • Jack Semple
  • Captain Tractor
  • The Dungarees
  • Yukon Blonde and The Zolas
  • Jaydee Bixby
  • The Wild!
  • Harpdog Brown
  • Little Miss Higgins
  • The Odds
  • Drew Gregory
  • Del Barber
  • Panjabi MC
  • Daniel Wesley
  • Lauren Mayell
  • Monster Truck
  • Jeff Lang
  • Dan Davidson
  • Mariel Buckley
  • Dave McCann
  • Barney Bentall & The Legendary Hearts
  • Roman Clarke Trio
  • Adam Gregory
  • Virginia To Vegas
  • Kemo Treats and Notorious YEG
  • Whale And The Wolf
  • Brad Saunders
  • Planet Smashers
  • Ocean Alley
  • Sebastian Gaskin
  • Nuela Charles
  • Fast Romantics
  • The Pauls
  • Johnson Crook
  • Kiefer Sutherland
  • Shootty Horroh
  • Yes We Mystic
  • David James
  • Riit
  • The Motorleague
  • Bombargo
  • Martin Kerr

** Grand Opening Press Release **

“Every great city has a memorable live music venue in its core. Edmonton’s downtown music scene has had plenty of challenges as of late, with not enough places for musicians to play and not enough mid-size venues with great food service for fans to enjoy. We have been pulling together an impressive team of experienced food and beverage people and music lovers to create something special,” says Greg Scott, owner and operator of The Station. “We’ll have a full calendar of live music, ranging from local singer songwriters keeping the rhythm going at happy hours, to big-time evening headlining shows in an unforgettable intimate setting.”

The team at The Station aim to create one of the premiere live music venues in the city and across Western Canada. They are focused on both great live music and outstanding food and beverage, while working to make sure that operations function at the highest possible standard. The Station has partnered with organizations like Trixstar Productions to fill the house with incredible talent, and hopes to support worthy programs like the Sarah McLachlan School of Music to help foster home grown talent and make sure everyone has the opportunity to explore music. The Station is also committed to supporting Canadian talent, which will be evident with the release of their headline show lineup later this week.

“There are a lot of great individuals doing amazing things in Edmonton to build the live music community, we want to do our part and we know that means going beyond just putting on shows,” says Scott. “It means making our space one of the best places to play and work. We know the history of the venue and we aren’t going to shy away from it. In fact, quite the opposite. We’re going to put a lot of effort into being an industry leader, creating a safe and respectful workplace. This includes how we work with and treat our musicians.”

The group is working with outside third-party experts to enhance training for owners, management, and staff.

Along with revamping the operations and systems, The Station has brought in Executive Chef Michael Darby from Seattle to develop a brand-new menu that is fit for a music venue and the Jasper Ave lunch scene. The Station is set to open on June 29th, with their first major headliner on June 30th. Stay tuned for that announcement tomorrow, June 19th.

Follow along with the fun on their socials on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@StationOnJasper).


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