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You've spent countless hours dreaming up an event that's sure to be a hit—the venue is the ideal setting, the decor is top-notch and the food is exceptional. Now all that's missing from the equation is some buzzworthy talent to keep your guests entertained and make the evening memorable.

Booking talent for your event is an element of the planning process that should not be overlooked or left until the last minute. It should be regarded as an essential component to the success of the event and used to enhance all of the hard work you've put in to make it possible.

1. Genre

Consider the tone of your event and the type of entertainment that would enhance it. Is the evening more casual or is it a formal affair? You wouldn't likely choose a rock band for a black-tie cocktail party or a string quartet for an event where you're hoping to get guests up to dance, so explore your options and choose a genre that will cater to your demographic.

2. Variety

Booking talent for an event is not restricted to any one medium. Music is a popular mainstay, but it doesn't hurt to investigate other types of talent your city has to offer. Choosing an act that's outside the norm will make an impact on your guests and add some extra excitement to the evening.

3. The Program

Once you have a great act (or several, depending on the event) in place, you need to plan how you want to showcase your talent. Is the act going to get the event underway or be the finale? Evaluate how you want your event to play out and plan the schedule accordingly to ensure maximum impact.

4. Promotion

Booking talent for an event needs to happen early to ensure you have adequate time to promote it via various channels (print, television, radio and social media). If you manage to book a well-known act, that could create a bigger draw and attract guests who may not have considered going otherwise. Either way, it's a win for everyone involved.

5. Help From The Pros

If you need some inspiration or suggestions regarding talent to hire, consider working with a talent agency. They will have a list of talent that has experience performing at a variety of events and will be able to make suggestions that will help make your event successful.


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