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People host events all the time to mark various occasions, to fundraise or to socialize and network. But what makes the truly successful events stand out from while others flop? There are common themes of successful events to ensure your guests will be talking about the festivities long after they leave—and for all the right reasons.

1. Plenty of Planning

This may seem obvious, but it will help you avoid your event turning into a last-minute scramble to get all of the details in place on time. Start planning well in advance to ensure you can secure the appropriate venue, hire your top-choice vendors, promote the event properly through various outlets as well as gather all of the necessary supplies and decor elements.

Planning in advance and chipping away at your to-do list early will keep things on track and allow you enough time to recover from any setbacks along the way. Don't be afraid to delegate tasks, either. It can be tempting to take on all of the responsibilities yourself to make sure things get done, but pulling together a reliable team can reduce your stress levels and offer opportunities for collaboration.

2. A Clear Goal or Objective

This goes beyond "raising money" or "celebrating." A common theme of successful events is that there is a coherent purpose for the occasion. Creating written goals or objectives early on will help provide you and your team with a clear vision and something to work towards. These goals and objectives can be reviewed after the event is over to measure your success and provide insight into areas of improvement.

3. The Right Venue

Think of your venue as a way to set the tone for your event. It should reflect the theme, the cause and your target demographic. Make sure the layout allows for the event to flow smoothly and provides adequate facilities and accessibility for your guests. 

4. A Program

No, this does not mean the event has to be planned out minute by minute. This is a common theme of successful events because it can create anticipation and give your guests something to do throughout the evening. Plan for your event to have a beginning, middle and end, but be sure to allow plenty of time for your guests to enjoy themselves at each stage.

5. The Ability to Expand or Repeat 

Try to think long-term and be cognizant of how an event can expand or become an annual affair. Set achievable goals—whether they are monetary, attendance or otherwise—each year and aim to set higher ones as the event gains popularity. You can also look at how you can continue to make it stand out with new or more high-profile entertainment and creative elements, too.


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