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Get inspired to wow your event attendees with these creative virtual staging ideas! 

Virtual events have come a LONG way since March when we got a glimpse into artists living rooms and home studios via Zoom or Facebook Live. Production companies across the globe have really taken things to the next level and below are 4 that stand out to us, plus one that's coming up in December with our friends at AJR

 1. Apple WWDC20 

Apple events are always incredibly produced, and the latest Worldwide Developers Conference shot across their Campus have seemed larger than life. Obviously we all don't have the sheer space to make this possible, but how they transitioned room to room and made the virtual spaces seem so colossal was great to watch.

VirtualStage Apple

2. MTV Video Music Awards

The 2020 MTV Video Music Awards broadcast in August and were virtually set atop skyscrapers in New York surrounded by a CGI cityscape as well as some other creative live venues. Performances included BTS, Lady Gaga, The Weeknd, Ariana Grande, The Black Eyed Peas, Machine Gun Kelly and more! 

VirtualStage MTV

3. WWE's Thunderdome

The WWE Thunderdome is a state-of-the-art virtual set taking over an entire arena at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida that includes pyrotechnics, lasers and drone cameras. The video boards are set in an arena setting and thousands of fans sign up to be in their seat to react in real time to the chaotic energy taking place at every event. The Thunderdome is moving venues soon so it will be interesting to see the new setup!

VirtualStage Thunderdome

4. Billie Eilish - 'Where Do We Go?' The Livestream

This virtual concert from Billie Eilish was enhanced by moody, immersive visuals and extended-reality effects that truly was bang for your buck. Enormous animated creatures and immersive landscapes took over the 60-by-24 foot virtual stage. This one really was a trip! 

VirtualStage BillieEilish

5. AJR's One Spectacular Night

This one hasn't actually happened yet, but one we are really looking forward to checking out AJR's One Spectacular Night! This one-night-only worldwide live stream event promises to blur the lines between a concert, a Broadway show, and a movie; blending the very idea of what a live performance can be including "mash buttons" allowing you to cheer, clap, or stomp between songs. We worked with AJR at K-Days Music Festival in 2019 and this will be a show that will certainly be worth checking out over the Christmas break from these creative brothers!

VirtualStage AJR



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