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What makes July 1, 2017 a milestone date in our country’s history? Aside from our annual Canada Day celebrations, it also happens to mark Canada’s 150th birthday. That’s right, this great nation of ours was founded on July 1, 1867 and even though the celebration is a ways away it’s not too early to get it on your radar.

Planning an event can be a daunting task, thankfully you are not the first person to do so. Here at Trixstar we have team members that have been executing and event planning for ten years or more. In that time as a group we have learned from our fair share of mistakes and successes.

There’s rarely enough time and money, is there? Those in charge of event planning of conferences, meetings, trade shows and the like for their organizations know this crunch well. Every year when the time to plan an event comes around, the budget is a little smaller, there are fewer people on staff, but the expectations are higher. What’s the solution that gets every detail in place, gives the attendees a fantastic experience, and makes the organization’s staff look like geniuses?

How do you increase awareness and excitement of your brand to new demographics?

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Edmonton Office (Main HQ)
Suite 201, 10237 104 St
Edmonton, AB T5J 1B1

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