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On May 12, 2015, Servus Circle Day was celebrated. All across the province of Alberta, Servus Credit Union employees hosted events to activate their communities. Servus Circle Day was about friends and neighbours joining together. That’s part of Servus Credit Union’s values and part of what the Servus Circle represents; they are members of their communities and they share with their members. This was project management at it’s best; 105 events across Alberta and only 1 day to do it. We had 25 teams of amazing videographers and photographers across Alberta capturing Servus Circle Day footage and pictures.

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Staff hired to capture all of the events.


Servus Credit Union employees in Alberta.


Alberta communities activated in 1 day!

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What The Client Had To Say

  • "It takes a special talent to activate and capture over 100 events in one day...and Trixstar exceeded my expectations on Servus Circle Day. Their strategic and organized event management process kept me confident and stress free leading up to and during our big day."

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