Compiling a buzzworthy entertainment lineup for your event requires extensive research and strategy; a good strategy directly impacts the success of any event. Based around your vision, we organize manageable, deadline-driven tasks that can be executed, tracked, and evaluated.

Informative and succinct multi-faceted deep dive into your organization as it relates to your event and venue.


In person or virtual tour of where your organization makes (or wants to make) the magic happen.


Discussion and familiarization of what drives your organization and event.


Detailed walk-through of your high-level event plans to help ensure your organization is prepared (Operations, Talent Buying, Ticketing, Marketing, Public Relations, Budgeting, etc).


Discussions around how your organization can be as strong as possible as it relates to your event, based on what we have learned thus far.


An all-encompassing recap of the session that your organization can use as a tool when moving on to the next phase of planning, promoting, and hosting your event(s).

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    In this consultation, Trixstar will learn about your venue and organization by participating in interactive discussions with you and your team as well as attending a site visit so that the content can be focused appropriately. Following the workshop, Trixstar will take all the information gathered and deliver a recap document specific to your session.

    It is imperative to have a good strategy for your events before booking entertainment to make sure your goals align with your vision and your budgets.

    Len Rhodes
    President & CEO (2011-2019), Edmonton Elks Football Club

    Our relationship with Trixstar has been very strong these past years; they have earned my personal respect and I trust their judgment and expertise. Our investment dollars are maximized through their vast network of connections. Trixstar makes the “concept to completion” process seamless. Their help and expertise on managing the game day entertainment execution is invaluable. Trixstar sure knows how to energize our fans!

    Kyla Belich
    Director of Marketing & Events, The Track on 2 Horse Racing & Event Centre

    The Track on 2 Inc. was looking for a partner to broaden our entertainment portfolio and expand our live music events. In all our dealings with Trixstar, they have been very professional, responsive, and willing to consider our viewpoint. They continue to exceed expectations with carefully prepared and realistic profit/loss breakdowns and fresh ideas. We would not hesitate to recommend a strategy session and/or partnership with Trixstar.

    Rob Vavrek
    Operations Manager & Group Program Director, Bell Media

    We were experiencing some challenges and some staleness with our annual event. Trixstar’s Strategy session really enabled us to dissect every aspect of what we were doing, and what we were hoping to do. Together we compiled a very comprehensive plan that has taken us to a revamped and very successful model. Their partnership has been invaluable.